Home Cinema

Experience the magic of immersion. Combine high definition audio with the latest 4K pictures on a screen that fills your field of view and immediately you’re part of the action.

Think of your new home cinema as an enduring high quality audio and video installation, not the lightweight speakers you’ll find bundled with a TV screen. Using proven pro-cinema technologies home cinema transports the excitement of the big screen experience to your home. More than that, we will work with you to customise the system according to your taste, budget and environment. In this way the performance of home cinema is more powerfully focussed than any commercial installation, as unique and personal as your home itself.

The project can be as wide as your ambition, but the versatility of custom installation means that you can enjoy immersive room-filling pictures and sound without filling the room with gear. In living areas such as media room extensions and sitting rooms, a motorised cinema screen and projector can be specified, together with near-invisible in-wall/ceiling speakers. Even in dedicated cinema rooms, the most discreet, décor-friendly installation is a luxury custom option.

Our experts can help with everything cinema related including:

  • Ultrawide lenses and screens, 4K & HDR picture quality
  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Seating, speaker and screen positioning
  • Cinema rooms, media rooms and garage conversions