Home Automation

Core Technology Projects can deliver intuitive user friendly home control for anyone. Using the latest products we can integrate smart home controls within your house from a simple single room solution to full home control and integration of all systems. This could include your Audio/Visual, Lighting and Home Cinema to your Security and Blind/Curtain control.

Core technology projects can Design, Install and Setup complete control from your tablet, allowing you to control your Lights, Curtains, Heating, AV Equipment and Security. Or if you prefer a traditional remote giving you a simple, friendly control over your main living space.

We Design and Install all the necessary cabling infrastructure from first fix to second fix and all the installation of hard ware and setup to offer the complete solution.

Multi room Entertainment

Imagine your home could have a single home entertainment system that could deliver different audio and/or Video to any area of your home without having to install different systems in each room.

With a system designed and installed correctly all equipment can be centrally located. Each system can then be distributed around the home on demand whether its to in-wall, in-ceiling speakers or to each TV, using touch screen or remotes. It allows full control over each source to link seamlessly to a selected device, either one source or multiple sources can be used simultaneously or individually.

Home Cinema

Core technology projects can design and install a bespoke home theatre to any room of your house. You can have a dedicated home cinema with a projector, 7.1 surround sound and leather recliners or a discreet setup that blends nicely into your lounge with the latest slim LED TV and discreet ceiling speakers.

From the light press on the iPad the lights dim to a pre-set level, the projector and screen drop seamlessly from the ceiling and as the AV amp and the Blu-ray automatically kick into life you can enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.